Tips for choosing the perfect wedding jewelry

wedding jewelry

If the wedding dress makes the wedding, then the bridal jewelry makes the dress. No wedding dress is complete without some jewelry. Here is some tips on how to choose the perfect wedding jewelry that will enhance your wedding ensemble.


Complement your neckline.

The neckline of your gown will guide you towards what style of necklaces you should wear. For a bustier or strapless gown, choose a choker or a large statement necklace that grazes the collarbone in order to fill in more skin so that you don't look too bare. Another option is to skip the necklace and wear a pair of eye catching chandelier earrings or even arm bracelet.

Tips for choosing the perfect wedding jewelry

Tips for choosing the perfect wedding jewelry

For a V-necked gown, opt for a slim necklace that adorn within the open area. Bridal gowns with open or deep V backs promise a standout out style to fashion savvy brides and they can elevate their looks with the glitzy touch of a lariat.

Tips for choosing the perfect wedding jewelry

Halter-necked gowns or those with plenty of laces and intricate details around the neck should go without necklaces. Instead focus your accessorizing on your hair with pins, combs or vines. You may also just concentrate on finding the perfect earrings.

Tips for choosing the perfect wedding jewelry

Match your metals.

Some metals look better with certain dress colours. For a pure white wedding gown, choose accents in platinum, silver or pearls. Ivory and champagne is best paired with gold. Off white gown is the most versatile as it works well with every hue including both gold and silver and the less traditional rose gold. Gowns with trendy blush colour can go with the warm tone of rose gold.


Don't repeat pieces

Wedding typically involves the wedding and the reception. The emsemble you wear for the wedding may not be the outfit you wear at the reception. Consider different jewelry for the different ceremonies. Changing your jewelry can completely change the look and feel of your wedding style.of your wedding style.


Less is more.

Remember to keep your jewelry to a minimum. While it is great to have jewelry complement and accentuate your wedding look, you do not have to deck yourself up from head to toe in order to look gorgeous. Stick with a few key pieces and avoid letting your accessories outshine you. Remember the key is to enhance, not overwhelm!

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